Reunions Golf Carts 2023

Reunions Golf Carts 2023
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​PLEASE NOTE: Golf cart rentals are available for Reunions attendees with mobility impairments. Due to a limited supply of golf carts, rentals are only available for senior alumni with mobility impairments and alumni with a medical condition or permanent disability. The University reserves the right to ask for a copy of a state-issued HC ID card, HC license plate or HC placard. If your need lies outside of these terms, the University provides campus shuttles that run continuously during Reunions, as well as a robust golf cart transport service for alumni and guests called Reunions Rover. The Reunions Rover carts are student driven and make continuous intra-campus loops with stops at headquarters sites and program locations during Reunions weekend.

Personal Information

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Golf Cart Rental

Three-Day Rentals

Golf carts will be delivered to your affiliated headquarters site by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Thursday, May 25.

Your individual golf cart rental must be returned to Lot 20. Golf Cart Crew will be on site between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Sunday, May 28 to process the return of your rental. See a student crew member to assist you with locating and returning your golf cart rental.

P-rade Golf Cart Usage

A three-day weekend golf cart rental may be used in the P-rade. On Saturday, May 27, the golf cart must be dropped off by 12:00 p.m. (noon), for it to be lined up in class order for entry into the P-rade. There are two locations for golf cart drop off for the P-rade:

  • Alumni from the classes of 1960 and below: Drop off your golf cart rental on the front campus lawn near Nassau Hall and Maclean House.

  • Alumni from the classes of 1961-2022: Drop off your golf cart rental at the staging location on Chapel Drive near Murray Dodge.

Golf carts are not permitted to stage along the P-rade route with a class. The Golf Cart Crew is responsible for safely directing golf carts in the P-rade from the two staging areas above. University staff members will be on hand to help line up the golf carts for the P-rade. When you (or a member of your class' student crew) drop off your golf cart, please hand the key over to a staff member who will be easily identifiable by a neon green golf cart crew t-shirt. A University-provided driver will drive your cart in the P-rade.

Golf carts rented for the P-rade on Saturday will be available only for use in the P-rade. The golf carts will be lined up at your staging location in class order. A University-provided driver will drive your cart in the P-rade and return your cart at the end of the P-rade route. Transportation from the end of the P-rade route to either campus circulators or hotel shuttles will be provided.

Rental Options and Pricing Information

  • Three-day weekend rental, 4-seat with light ($625.00)
    Note that during the P-rade, your cart will be driven by a University-provided driver.
  • P-rade only rental, 3-passenger ($315.00)
    Note that during the P-rade, your cart will be driven by a University-provided driver.
Please indicate below whether you require a golf cart for the three-day weekend or will only require a golf cart for use during the P-rade.